“Carol has worked with us in a variety of capacities, including project management, fundraising, partnership development, and community engagement. She is deeply knowledgeable about environmental education, nonprofit management, and partnership building. Carol is everything you could want in a consultant and more.”

-Kirk Anne Taylor, Director, ChangeScale


Community-based organizations, and the foundations that support them, face increasingly more complex systems as they work to find social and environmental solutions. Often, these challenges are difficult to address in isolation. It is only through partnership and collaboration that organizations can make significant progress on critically important issues.

  • Network building- Who offers complementary programs in your region? Which organizations are reaching the same audiences? Whose mission is aligned to yours? Basecamp Strategies will help you determine which partnerships would amplify your work.
  • Launch and incubate collaborative efforts- Do you recognize the need to collaborate, but don’t know how to start? Or maybe you can’t seem to find the time? Basecamp Strategies will pull the pieces together to get the right people in the room, kick-off that initial conversation, and build from there.
  • Collaborative support- Does your collaborative effort need a boost? Is it feeling messy and difficult? Basecamp Strategies can provide guidance and support to get the work back on track, engage partners in meaningful and productive ways, and communicate the activities and results to stakeholders.