“I’ve worked closely with Carol to expand our district’s environmental education program and to build our capacity for community partnerships. She consistently generates strategies that are both ambitious and achievable.”

-Craig Goldman, Former Superintendent of the Mountain View Whisman School District



High quality and culturally relevant environmental education successfully increases student engagement, builds 21st century skills, and develops environmental stewards. Unfortunately, access to these programs is limited. Non-profit organizations are often trying to do more with less, balancing the number of youth they reach with the depth of programming they provide.

Basecamp Strategies understands these constraints and supports strategies that leverage resources and partnerships, helping nonprofits like you build the efficacy and impact necessary to achieve your goals. Areas of focus include:

  • Programs and Initiatives- Are your programs and initiatives aligned with your mission and funding capacity? Are they relevant to those you serve? Are they based on current research and best practices? Basecamp Strategies can guide you through strategic processes centered on the latest thinking concerning environmental education programming.
  • Network assessment and building- Are you engaged in important networks? Do you use and assess collaborative strategies? Is your organization ready to work with partner organizations? Basecamp Strategies can help determine your plan of action to achieve successful collaborations.
  • Fund development- Do you communicate the impact of your work in a way that resonates with funders? Basecamp Strategies will review your fund development collateral to ensure that your letters of inquiry, grant proposals, and grant reports not only reflect the meaningful impact of your programs but also address the issues funders care about today.
  • Connecting communities to the land- Is your mission to protect and conserve land? Are you connecting diverse communities to that land? Basecamp Strategies can help you design innovative practices and programs that reach new audiences, providing meaningful experiences that cultivate connection and stewardship to support your mission.

Basecamp Strategies recognizes the important role that NGOs play in our society- particularly in the lives of youth. Our goal is to help you be an effective and relevant organization as you advance your mission.